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By Neil Irvine, Content Editor Published: Jul 20, 2021More by Neil. During August and the last (official) month of summer the hours in the day lessen, but we still bask in 15 16 hours of daylight, so there is still plenty of light to savour whilst hiking the stunning landscapes of Scotland. Be the first to hear about trip news, blogs and offers. The Atlantic Puffin is similar to its north Pacific relative, The Horned Puffin, but can be easily distinguished by a steel-blue triangle located on the base of its beak. Breeding occurs mostly in spring and relationships are polygamous. The grass on the Moors gradually begins to fade to red and the trees come alive with shades of yellow, red, and orange. 2023 North Coast 500 | Company Number: SC504749 | All Rights Reserved | Design by. Celebrate St. Andrews Day with the locals. Best bit you dont have to go on a boat (although you can do that too). Two Wandering Soles Copyright 2023. A young wildcat in the Highland Wildlife Park. Weve stayed at the campsite there which has sea great views, but there are also hotels and guest houses in the village. Coronation Street actress Barbara Young dies aged 92, Nurses strike continues: Major disruption for NHS services in England, Additional flight to evacuate Britons from Sudan today, Ryanair cancels 220 flights over May 1 bank holiday due to strikes, Hardcore coronation fans already camped outside Buckingham Palace, One dead and seven injured in Cornwall nightclub knife attack. This means that you have to get further away from the mainland to see them as theyre more likely to be closer to the open ocean. The There is nothing more satisfying than the crunching of snow under your boots when out for a wintery walk. museums, Scotlands largest city, Glasgow, for family-friendly attractions, the impressive botanical garden, and the countrys best shopping, Cairngorms National Park, home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in Scotland, Road-trip to Highland Perthshire (one of the most underrated areas of Scotland!) You might see all sorts of wildlife as well as being well placed to see dolphins as they swim upriver. Car parking is ample here, and a great spot for motor homes. Ive only passed by Inverness once and that was on the way to Skye, so I had no idea you could see dolphins here! Rosemarkie is also a good place to stay if you want to be close by to dolphin spotting, perhaps if youre a photographer wanting to visit often. Check out this video below: Read more about what to wear for summer hiking in Scotland. Similar to common seals they dwell in the Hebridean Islands, the West Coast, Shetland and the Orkney Isles. Sturdy, preferably waterproof hiking shoes or boots, The Highlands for unforgettable leaf-peeping in the most dramatic setting, Edinburghs many museums and historical sites have notably fewer crowds in the fall, Eat your way through Glasgow, one of the best cities for traditional Scottish comfort meals, Glencoe National Nature Reserve shows off some of the most stunning Scottish nature, Explore Aberdeenshire for the countless castles and history sans crowds. Oh my I had no idea we could see dolphins in Scotland! If youre wondering how to see dolphins near Inverness then read on for my tips on where to go and different ways to see them! On the willyweather website, you can enter the region and find the tide times as in the screenshot below. Coronation Street actress Barbara Young dies aged 92, Nurses strike continues: Major disruption for NHS services in England, Additional flight to evacuate Britons from Sudan today, Ryanair cancels 220 flights over May 1 bank holiday due to strikes, Hardcore coronation fans already camped outside Buckingham Palace, One dead and seven injured in Cornwall nightclub knife attack. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "acf2f96a382fe896d761bf31a857c670" );document.getElementById("cd1d15c3cb").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Hi there! Comment below and let us know! Summit Ben Nevis in the Highlands, the highest mountain in all of the UK, or explore some shorter waterfall trails. Different species of dolphin frequent the west coast of Scotland, as well as the Scottish Isles. Explore Scotlands more than 1,500 castles. Puffins make great swimmers so expect a multitude of them and other seabirds gracefully riding the waves beside your boat. Inverness city has a lot of Scottish attractions and landmarks that are worth a visit. spot some dolphins for myself! Boats arent restricted to certain times to see the dolphins as they can find them wherever they are. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Two Wandering Soles are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. While it often gets overshadowed by neighboring countries from a tourism standpoint, Scotland is one place you should have on your bucket list! Dolphin watching holidays in the Azores, as scores of these beautiful and intelligent creatures swim around you, is not an experience to be quickly forgotten. Latest species sightings This is a map of all cetacean (whale, dolphin and porpoise) sightings recorded in the North East Atlantic by our ORCA Marine Mammal surveyors over the last decade. Unsurprisingly, many tourists who visit Scotland want to see some dolphins, probably due to their prevalence in some foreign marine parks and the 1964 Flipper TV show that we all grew up with. Moray Firth in Inverness also offers boat tours for dolphin watching. In these regions, you can take boat tours to see dolphins swim in the sea. In fact, May is National Whisky Month in Scotland (whisky is a BIG deal here Scots refer to it as the water of life). Top Tip: Go early to secure a parking spot, this is a free experience in demand. Click on one of the links below to find out more: Hiking the remote location of Knoydart during the month of Spring. They can be found chilling out around sheltered shores relaxing in a curved position or in water they can be located near the mouth of a large river where the tide meets the stream (estuaries). The Highlands in the north are made up of rugged yet still lush mountainous topography that form some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world. Dolphins in Scotland apparently a hidden gem in Scotland indeed. As well as bottlenose dolphins, you may well catch sight of ospreys, grey and common seals, the occasional otter and many coastal birds here. Home Blog United Kingdom Best Time to Visit Scotland: When to Go & When to Avoid! Just when is the best time to hike in Scotland? Broughty Ferry Castle, at the entrance to the Firth of Tay, also gives an elevated perspective for potential observations. Young Cuckoo birds stay in Scotland until Autumn before following their elders to the African continent and settle for Winter before returning to Scotland in springtime. in order to have the best experience. ), the overall weather just might surprise you. Now I need to go back *w*, Great discovery isnt it? When summer comes around its time to celebrate the longer days and the sunnier months by replacing your spring clothing with thinner layers to deal with the hotter weather although if you plan to hike the hills of Scotland always pack for different seasons and keep warmer clothes in your backpack as there is always the possibility of a change in weather especially if you find yourself climbing high peaks. This vast area, including the islands off the northern coast, encompasses about half of Scotlands total land mass. I travel with my husband James and sometimes with our dog Annie. Not sure how to prepare for the Scottish weather whilst hiking in summer? National World Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. If anything, it could be a reason to visit. It is typically the male that creates the cuckoo sound while a female Cuckoo calls out with more of a gurgling sound almost like water flowing down a sinkhole after removing a plug from your sink! During what season did you visit and what was your experience like? Generally, the Scottish Highlands are excellent from May through August, when the days are long and warm. The car park at Chanonry Point is often very busy if you can't get a space try parking in one of the nearby villages and walking over. 1 hour after low tide is a good reference point to aim for. You can expect a mix of clear blue skies and cloudy grey days during winter in Scotland, with occasional rain, snow and ice. If you manage to catch them at these feeding grounds you are in for a treat and many photo opportunities. WebVisit the Black Isle, just across the Moray Firth from Inverness, to experience one of the best places in Europe to shore watch dolphins. Whale. If you dont want to be bothered about parking or are not visiting by car, or dont want to walk far, you can take a Dolphin shuttle bus to Chanonry point. They also dont necessarily need good weather. Read more about my return journey tackling the infamous Bad Step here! Just in the same way that you cant clamber aboard a boat and click your fingers or whistle or whatever. Chanonry Point may be one of the best places in Scotland to see dolphins, the land juts out into the Moray Firth forming a natural peninsula and creates the perfect spot to see them feed (and play if you're lucky). The Western Isles, Scotland The Western Isles of Scotland is another great place for Whale Watching. Toggle navigation. 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In this blog, we will cover the best places to see dolphins in Scotland plan your Scotland bucket list, alongside my experience of dolphin watching in Inverness Scotland and some top tips to maximize your chances of seeing them. You can watch these amazing dolphins hunting and playing from shore or from well behaved, award winning tour boats the choice is yours. Summer is definitely the high season in Scotland. com. Clicking on the link below will redirect you to the Wilderness England website. These animals, famous for travelling in large groups known as pods, tend to be the most well-sighted due to their sociable nature and likelihood of being near the shore to hunt for food. Dolphins are very intelligent and playful creatures they are always fascinating and engaging to watch! They can be seen throughout the year, although they may be more visible in the spring and summer when the sea is calm. How did I have no idea you can see dolphins in Scotland??? Galloway Forest Park for top-notch stargazing and hopefully, the Northern Lights! our woodlands are a sanctuary for these cute little critters and a place when they can thrive in the wild as nature intended. Enjoy thousands upon thousands of stars in our dark skies, and spy our nocturnal winter beasties like hedgehogs, bats, and badgers. However, remember you can spot dolphins all along the Moray Firth Coast and also take a dolphin boat trip. sports at the famous Highland Games. The Pine Marten is an elusive creature but can be found scurrying around the north of Scotland in rich woodland areas. Although rare, surprise spring snow storms do sneak in occasionally, so pack and dress accordingly, prepared for a bit of fresh powder. Fewer travellers mean fewer people on the trails and in the hills, providing an even more remote experience of the glorious scenic landscapes. You might want to arrive around low tide to give you the best chance of seeing them. If you want to test out the Cuckoo superstitions in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland then youll have until Autumn at the latest to test your theories! Simply enter your email and we'll send it your way! Its a great time to witness incredibly diverse wildlife that gives such bold life to the jaw-dropping landscapes of the Highlands as many creatures make their presence known and others migrate back to Scotland as the climate warms up after winter. I once was invited to go out on the Moray Firth in a small catamaran, we encountered seals, a basking shark and dolphins! A Pine Marten scurries along a tree in the Cairngorms they are incredible climbers! The best time to visit Scotland overall is during the spring and fall, just outside of peak tourism season (summer) and when the weather is most pleasant. You can check times on theWillyWeather website, click the tide tab. Tessa from our Travel Team spent five hours watching a pod of orcas swimming around the coastline of Shetland in July. Even in the height of summer, it rarely exceeds 80F (27C) in most Scotland cities. You really need a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a telephoto lens between 200-400 mm. There is no absolute perfect time to travel to our beautiful country as it really depends on what you, as an individual, want out of your holiday. Look out across the Moray Firth just as the tide starts to rise, and you are highly likely to spot dolphins as they swim in-land to feed. Its walkable and a lovely wee village too. Yes you should be able to theres the beach to walk along and its dog friendly as well as a footpath. One of the industry leaders in small guided tours that offer a great tour of the NC500, Buzzing? Fish are easy to find here and so its a natural hunting ground for the dolphins. Great info, thanks! Compared to common seals they can appear to be much more sociable among their kind as out of the water they all lay close to one another no doubt discussing the events of the day such as their successes in catching fish! Sightings further out in the Firth of Forth are common. Go island-hopping near Skye, the Outer Hebrides, or Shetland, Rain gear to keep you dry (although spring is the driest month here, the weather is also in a transition period with ever-changing conditions! Wildcats resemble the domesticated household cat in appearance but tend to be fearful of humans and they will keep their distance. Check the map out for some of my favourite spots to see dolphins around the Inverness area: The dolphins are seen year round on the coast of Scotland near Inverness but there are certain times of the year where they are easier to spot and more frequently seen. Fall in Scotland brings a drop in both temperatures and the number of tourists. If youre in Inverness on your way to or from the Black Isle, get in touch with Dolphin Spirit. Its no surprise that the Scottish Dolphin Centre near Fochabers is a great place to see some dolphins. This means it will change daily. Eilean Dhubh or the Black Isle as its known is technically not an island as such, but certainly feels like one with an almost Scotland in Miniature thing going on from sandy beaches to high craggy cliffs, thick forest, wide open farmland and wildlifelots of wildlife if you know where to look. The North sea area of Scotland is filled with Salmon. Pods often travel up this way after visiting Chanonry Point, and Kessock Bridge has the added benefit of being much more peaceful than that more famous viewing spot. Its thought that the Moray Firth bottlenose dolphin population is around 200 making this group the most northerly in the World. During Autumn the Scottish climate begins to cool, the days shorten, and the leaves turn into a lovely golden brown colour. The dolphins come to this point as its where the firth meets the sea and theres a natural bottleneck. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to hear about trip news, blogs and offers. Here's some more info on Scotland's dolphins and particularly those in the Moray Firth colony on the north east coast. Fort George is an 18th-century fortress near Ardersier and Inverness. Dolphins can be found around the world - from the warm waters of the Ionian Sea off Greece to the chillier climes of the Azores and Scotland. Ive watched a photographer ruin his kit as hed not moved it in time! Really, spring and summer are a good to time to go dolphin spotting in the Moray Firth. Autumn is also a great opportunity to witness a variety of wildlife that you can see in the summer, but also there is a higher chance of encountering majestic Red Deer in the hills and if you are really lucky maybe you will spot the rare wildcat running around the Cairngorms National Park in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Hear the lovely crunch of leaves under your feet by exploring our Autumn Highlands hiking adventure. Chanonry Point is located between Fortrose and Rosemarkie on the Black Isle and has its own car park. It is a question many travellers are eager to know when deciding to travel to Scotland for a perfect holiday. We did last 2 weeks in Aug because the kids are back in school then. No snow? By now the leaves on the trees have turned into a lovely golden brown and Pine forests look spectacular in the distance providing an incredibly unique view. If youre hoping to spot dolphins in their natural environment, here are the best places to visit. 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